Lovely messages from some happy Mini Musicians parents:

"Dear Lucina, it was a wonderful class with a nice atmosphere earlier today! My son enjoyed it a lot and was mesmerized by your beautiful singing."

"Lauren loved the little guitars! You have a wonderful voice." Jemma Salmon.


NEW FOR 2017! Classes now available in the comfort of your own home. Gather a group of friends and their children and enjoy Mini Musicians sessions together, without the hassle of having to get to a venue.

Lucina has two young children and knows first-hand how captivating it is for babies and toddlers to be immersed in singing combined with other live music. Her children love listening to her sing, play the piano (and any other instruments lying around the house!) and are always eager to engage.

In our classes, it’s a clever mix of fun and classical music education, to awaken the musician in each child. The little ones are able to interact with a professional live musician, to look at and listen to a classical singer, listen to live piano music, and freely touch and use other instruments. The aim is to get them really listening to music, not merely hearing it. Children learn so much more from listening to live music rather than recorded music.

Fun props and percussion help the little ones to learn visually and kinaesthetically about core elements of music such as tempo, pulse, pitch and rhythm. They will be introduced to some super classical music, as well as enjoying all the popular nursery rhymes and children’s songs, sometimes performed with an original twist! It’s very enjoyable and educational for the adults too...

The classes are a great foundation for when they are a little older and able to join the school age classes and/or commence individual tuition.